Fatima, Reparation and the Cross

March 18, 2018

By John C. Preiss


I have been contemplating the cross this lent more than ever before in my life.  The past two weeks we have been working on a life size crucifix at the Father Robert J. Fox and Our Lady of Fatima Museum.  I have been really studying it and it has really affected me.  I ponder the image of Jesus falling to his knees with the cross on his shoulders, the weight of the world.  We have all fallen to our knees with the weight of our lives on our shoulders.  What can we learn from this?

We learn that the cross is a way of life that will eventually lead us to our own resurrection if we accept it. 


Each of the three falls provided an opportunity for Our Lord’s enemies to gloat over Him, spit on Him and kick Him as He writhed in helpless pain, striving to arise beneath the heavy cross. These falls are caused by our own sins, and were endured by Our Savior, who wills to endure the same humiliation that we must undergo to make reparation as we too, arise from our falls into sin. We must focus on His falls often, and see His tender love for us, His willingness to suffer with us, beckoning us to repent of our sins, accept the humiliation that this occasions and arise with our cross and come, follow Him.

The greatest sorrow of all the falls was when Our Lord beheld His most beloved Mother, and their eyes locked in that most sorrowful gaze. An infinity of suffering and love and yes, even of triumph, passed between them. For painful as it is, this crucifixion is the Divine means of redemption. How can we then call ourselves Christians and yet spurn this cross? 


There is hope in the Cross. At times it is hard to see but faith and perseverance in our daily trials will get us through. We should offer up these trials in reparation as pertained to the Message of Fatima.  Hope is in JESUS, He will help you.  


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