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Formative Research in Your Dissertation

Formative research is a common option that students decide on when writing a dissertation for their university. However, formative research involves complete control over the state of the analyzed objects, the creation of specific conditions, the qualitative and quantitative assessment of changes.

At this stage, you should successfully carry out:

  • laboratory experiment, which involves the analysis of a group or objects in specific conditions;

  • natural experiment, which is carried out in the course of events, in natural conditions (taking into account the changes made by the researcher within the framework of a specific plan).

The formative stage of the study involves the implementation of the following algorithm of actions: defining the goal - planning the experiment - implementing the experiment - analyzing the data obtained - forming the results (conclusions).

Data collection for analysis can take place by questioning people, testing, modeling the situation, etc. During the ascertaining study, various types of analysis are carried out. In particular, they consider the differences and interrelations of individual phenomena or psychological indicators.

Control phase of the study

Often, a formative experiment is carried out in conjunction with a control experiment. The mission of the control stage is to evaluate the effectiveness of the study, experiment. You can set the effect if you re-organize and carry out the activities of the previous stages, compare them with the original data (the results of the first experiment).

Thus, the implementation of the WRC in psychology involves the passage of three stages, each of which has its own specifics. At the ascertaining stage, a specific object is evaluated in in specific conditions without taking into account the impact of other factors on it. At the formative stage, the author must analyze the changes, taking into account the influence on the phenomenon, the group of all possible elements.

The control stage is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the experiment, to determine the dynamics and degree of dependence of the object on various factors.

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