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Apr 07, 2022
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Editor's introduction: When traditional industries are combined with the Internet, the Internet can provide them with traffic growth and focus, such as the Internet home improvement industry. However, if we want to achieve long-term development, industry norms and attention on the supply chain side will be essential. The author of this article expressed his views on the development direction of Internet home improvement, let's take a look. When the platform-led Internet home improvement carnival ended, more and more people began to turn their attention from the Internet to the home improvement industry itself. I have to say, this is a good thing. Because no matter what form of home improvement, in essence, it should be home improvement. Only in this way can the evolution of the home improvement industry remain the same. However, in such an era when the "Internet +" model is regarded as a standard, we see a different scene: obedience to capital, extreme dependence on traffic, and complete disregard for home improvement. What is certain is that when they become the main color sms marketing service of Internet home improvement, the so-called Internet home improvement is not so much a new type of home improvement as it is just a variant of the Internet. Although such a development model can indeed achieve very rapid development, it can even be calculated in geometric progression, but if the Internet home improvement is separated from the home improvement itself, the so-called development is also like a derailed train, and there is always a risk of running out of control. It turns out that it is.


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