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What's the difference between dyes and pigments?

Their solubility is the main difference between these colorants. Insoluble colorants are used in printing inks. Copper phthalocyanine is the most common blue colorant in packaging. It is insoluble in both water and organic solvents. It is a blue pigment, which includes copper as its name suggests. Its rest is composed of complex aromatic structures of benzene rings and nitrogen atoms.

The number of dye colorants available is almost limitless, unlike pigments. Organic colorants that dissolve easily are dyes. They are used in textile manufacturing and office products such as inkjet printers. Dyes are not as resistant to product damage as pigments. Dyeing is a great way to create vivid colors and can be used in products that don't require long-term stability. They are also less resistant to oxidation and solvent bleed.

Many dyes can be classified as chemically acid or bases. They are usually found in the form of salts. To dissolve certain dyes, sodium salts with sulfonic and carboxylic acid group groups can be used. Chemical reactions with paper components can make dyes insoluble. The presence of calcium ions, tetra-alkyl ammonium ions, or other components in the paper can make the dye insoluble. This will "cement" the dye to the substrate.

Their solubility is the main difference between pigments and dyes. While pigments can be insoluble and must only be used in dispersions for inks or coatings, dyes can be used to make colorants.Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer

Are organic pigments containing chlorinated aromatics

The copper phthalocyanine chemical structures are also part of green copper phthalocyaninepigments, which are chlorinated forms of copper phthalocyanine. These organic green pigments are widely used in package printing and have similar resistance properties as copper phthalocyanine. Pigment Green 7

Yellow pigments that are used in printing inks may be based on diaryllide yellows. These intermediates based on dichlorobenzidine are used to make azo pigments, which are pigments with an N=N double-bond. These pigments can be damaged by high temperatures and chemical degradation. These chemical reactions may be possible, but normal printing and converting does not produce such conditions.



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