An all-new, original EWTN animated series! Four children time-travel back to New Testament days, to take part in the Gospel stories they love, and learn prayers, teachings, and traditions of the Catholic Faith along the way. In this episode the children journey back to the Wedding Feast at Cana, where they see the important role Our Lady plays in Her Son Jesus' first miracle. They learn how to pray the Memorare, a beautiful prayer to the Blessed Mother, and they learn all about the Holy Scapular. 1 disc / English & Spanish versions included / 30 minutes each. (CC) 

My Time with Jesus: The Blessed Virgin Mary DVD


    Our Apostolate was founded in 1986 by Father Robert Joseph Fox .  Our mission is to promote the message of Fatima and the sanctification of family life through our website, books, CDs and DVDs.

    We are a Fatima Apostolate a member of the WAF International Federation, a Public Association of the Faithful. 





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