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The Rosary- Focal Point of the Message


e Rosary- Focal Point of the Message

By John C. Preiss

One could easily say that the rosary is the focal point of the message of Our Lady at Fatima. The message consists of many parts, yet the focal points are, the rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Saint Jacinta summarized it in this way:

“What Our Lady of the Rosary especially recommended to us is to recite the Rosary every day, adding after each decade the short prayer, ‘Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins and save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Your mercy’.”

Our Lady has come to the aid of the church and our society through the rosary, many miracles have been associated with this special prayer. Our Lady has acknowledged this special prayer at Fatima to help in the reforming of souls. Praying the rosary daily and doing it well will bring great results. The rosary, as you know is a repetitious prayer yet the lips who pray it are seeking the many favors and graces associated with it.

The Rosary is indeed a great treasure. It is a prayer that anyone can learn and recite. The rosary should be taught to all ages in the home, so the family can benefit from the many graces. Our Lady has shown us through the little shepherds that it is possible to pray it and we should do it without hesitation. She told Lucia that Francisco would have to say many rosaries in order to go to heaven. If it wasn’t important, She would not have mentioned this to Lucia.

I want to encourage all of you to say the rosary daily. Our Lady at each apparition requested this and we must follow Her instructions in order to grow in our spiritual journey. The rosary is a powerful prayer if you take part in praying it then your life will be full of many graces.

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