Meditation, John’s Journal

Show kindness at all times, this is a wonderful attribute to have in a world that seems lost. Our society is falling further from the truth of Christ and no longer believe. Hope has been diminished by darkness. . The evil one it’s working overtime to win souls for his army.

As Christians we no longer need to be silent, what are we afraid of? Jesus will always be with us in time of need. Prayer and evangelization are key to turning this world in the right direction. We must not stop praying because the Holy Spirit will reveal the necessary information to guide in your daily life.

As Christians it is awesome to know that we have the holy angels working for us in this daily battle. The army of heaven with all the angels and Saints can help in the defeat of evil.

With the start of lent, it is time for us to make a conscious effort and live a life of holiness in today’s society. We can be that candle for others and show the light of Christ to them in so many ways.

Come Holy Spirit send us the light of your love.