Fatima and the Holy Family

By John C. Preiss

From a warning in a dream, just like another Joseph 1,700 years earlier, Jesus' father fled with his family to the safety of Egypt, where they lived as refugees. And when the time was right, they left Egypt and made their home in Nazareth. Joseph and Mary's trust in God's providence enabled them to know what to do in their times of crisis. They walked by faith.

More beautiful than the miracle of a couple turning into a family at the arrival of their first child is the even greater miracle of a worldly family turning into a holy family as they learn to walk by faith.  The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph should be an example for all of us to follow. The daily sacrifice of family life and striving to be bettter leads us to a better understanding of love and selflessness.

Sister Lucia saw this call to holiness in some of the details of the apparition. This is why Fatima and the family go hand in hand. Lucia says, “The presence of St. Joseph in one of apparitions is a pressing invitation to the sanctification of the family, a key theme throughout Lucia’s book and also one of the essential currents and main preconditions of the magisterium of John Paul II.”

Most importantly, Fatima is for faith, hope and love — and Fatima’s message can help the family to live in holiness, professing the totality of true faith.

Now, my own meditation on Fatima has brought me to the realization that Fatima is a special message of holiness for the family, while its message embraces all of Catholicism. Popes have said that “Fatima reaffirms the Gospels.” We must live the fullness of the faith in our homes, like that of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


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