Children or Worship the Golden Calf?

By John Preiss

You may have seen Michelle Williams' Golden Globes speech by now. Reportedly pregnant, she credited abortion for her professional success, for allowing her to be who she is, and living out her dreams.

It was interesting to hear her thought process on something so evil. To witness her stand there with a lifeless object of gold, in my home watching my little sweet Nora try and crawl the floors, was hard to swallow. Our society's moral decline saddens me.

All Lives Matter

Life is a precious gift at all stages— whether you are in the womb or celebrating your one hundredth birthday.

Many pro-choice advocates speak of dreams and career growth to why they advocate abortion. This reminds me of the events in the book of Exodus. Moses climbed Mount Sinai and God revealed to him the Ten Commandments. Moses came down from the mountain. What did he see? False worship of the golden calf, fornication, and drunkenness. Moses saw a foreshadowing of Hollywood and all that it supports.

As Christians we have to continue to pray for an end to abortion and conversion of hearts. Pray some goodness remains in Hollywood. We need to back Christian filmmaking and stop supporting the immoral films being pushed in our society. Prayer is key!

Being a father of nine children, Mrs. Williams support the killing of the unborn disturbed me greatly. Her proclaiming it publicly made it even worse!

However, we need to be reminded this twisted thinking on life is not the normal. Not truthful. Not good. Nor beautiful. We still need to love the sinner. But hate the sin. People who support the evils of abortion may have had tragedy in their life warp their view of God. They definitely don't know how precious life is.

God is the one who chooses when life is beginning. When it ends. The consequences of these actions will be only judged by Him accordingly.

Priceless Gifts vs. Lifeless Trophies

When I think of the words such as success and career I reflect I think how shallow and passing it is. True success centers on relationships. Family. I am so blessed to be the father of nine beautiful souls. I am privileged to watch them grown and learn.

Success should be being open to life and seeing God’s beauty through the gifts of marriage. The gifts of children are not some trophy that will end up in a landfill somewhere. I have some trophies from my playing days. Now, I could‘nt care less about them.

To see my little six month old Nora Marie try and work her away around the room is priceless. To see my dreams in her. In all my children! To dream of them growing in holiness, getting married or becoming a priest or a religious sister. It excites me and motivates me to be better.

When I see the joy they bring my wife and I and when I look into their eyes I see plenty of dreams and knowing we will be with them and dreaming along is really neat. It is pretty awesome to see myself in them and also to see my wife in them it is true joy. They are my dream. My first career! It is my job to make sure that they are nourished physically, mentally and spiritually.

Life is Difficult, but Worth It

I’m not writing to sugarcoat anything because raising children isn’t always easy, but having a career isn’t eating ice cream on a sunny day by no means.

Life is full of challenges. Suffering. Pain. Heartache. We can never run away from suffering but looking into your child's eyes and hearing them tell you they love you brings countless joy into your life. The only tangible thing we can take to heaven with us is the souls of our children— not some old golden trophy.

Mrs. Williams you can keep your gold trophy! I’II stick with the nine blessings that God has given me and ordained me to care for. Being a parent is the greatest career and comes with much responsibility. Let us pray for the conversion of sinners and for the end of abortion.


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