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      In an era when the world and the Church itself has faced many crises it has been a great time to live. On earth for close to three-fourths of the 20th century and living into the twenty-first century has been a time when great evils engulfed the world. It has also been a time of great grace and great saints. “And where sin abounded, grace did more abound” (Romans 5:20). What a privilege to have lived during the times of a Saint Padre Pio, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Maria Faustina, the divine Mercy apostle, Pope Pius XII, Blessed Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, already called “the great” during his lifetime.

      Then there was Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen whose life and teachings and example touched my heart deeply already as a teenage boy, as it touched tens of thousands of others throughout the world. That great bishop of the Church was on fire with love for Jesus, Mary, the Church. Padre Pio and Bishop Sheen were great inspirations to me during their lifetimes which I followed from a very young age. When I was ordained a priest, April 24, 1955, I had no idea of the personal trials that would be mine and the trials of the universal Church which would unfold through the decades of my life as a priest. No man can live the priesthood of Jesus Christ fruitfully and truthfully without at the same time identifying with Jesus Christ as Victim. I believe to persevere one also needs a deep love of God’s Holy Mother, who is the Mother of the Church and in a special way, the Mother of priests. I know she was involved in my call to Christ’s holy priesthood. The aftermath of the Second World War, when I entered the seminary and was eventually ordained seemed, in many respects, a glorious time for the Church. Many vocations to the priestly and religious life were blossoming and flourishing. There was respect for the Church, for its authority, its integrity. The Church is, afterall, “the Body of Christ.” Public dissenters and defectors, even among some in the priesthood, would be something of the future.       

      When they came, especially after the Second Vatican Council, (1963-1965) these dissenters would be something I could never understand. To be Catholic, especially a Catholic priest, excluded such in sincere and loyal faith and dedication. I have always loved the truth. It has been my joy and duty to always teach the truth. Generic sermons were never for me. The full Gospel must be taught if a man is to be loyal to his priesthood, that is, Christ’s priesthood in him. I cannot be a faithful priest if I am not willing to die for the truth if needs be in preaching, teaching the fullness of truth. I must answer to God at my individual judgement if I preach not the truth. I knew I could never hold back preaching the truth, the full gospel, even if it defended some. Jesus Christ is the Truth. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). The above is an excerpt from THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, "A PRIEST IS A PRIEST FOREVER".

      Before founding his own Apostolate and editing his own magazine, Father Robert J. Fox for many years was a columnist for the National Catholic Register, a frequent contributor to Our Sunday Visitor as well as to various other Catholic publications, such as The Priest, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, etc. Father Robert J. Fox retired to Hanceville, Alabama near the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery - both founded by Mother Angelica who founded and developed the Eternal Word Television Network that sends its television programs and short wave radio programs into more than 100 countries of the world.

     Father Robert J. Fox passed away on November 26, 2009 at 12:45 s with Mary leading us to the Blessed Trinity and adoring the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, true God and true man, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Many have not yet realized that the message of Our Lady of Fatima was a call to the family to return to holiness. Such is the mission of the Fatima Family Apostolate International founded by Father Robert J. Fox at the encouragement of the Vatican.

About John C. Preiss


      "Only Heroic Catholic Families Will Survive." This is so true in this day in age when diabolic things are taking place within the family. John C. Preiss was chosen by Father Fox to carry on his work because of his knowledge of family life and his love for Our Lady. John met Father Fox in July of 2003 just as Father arrived in Alabama. Before Father's death he told John that,"I felt a strong bond with you immediately after our first meeting". Father Fox prayed for the past 10 years for a person who he could trust to carry out his work. John began writing for the Immaculate Heart Messenger 6 years ago on child training, family life and challenges in the church. John has also been interviewed on Catholic radio on Fatima and the family.  He was interviewed on Vatican Radio about the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart by Pope Francis.  Also, John is the author of two books, The Miracle of the Dancing Sun at Fatima and Our Lady of Fatima True Devotion.

      As Father Fox's health declined he made John the President of the Fatima Family Apostolate and before his death he made him the Editor of the Immaculate Heart Messenger.Father said, "I have been molding and forming John these past six years to be a part of this Apostolate, he has all the tools necessary to evangelize, to help bring souls to Christ." John and his wife Teresa live in Hanceville, AL. with their eight children, Mark, Lauren, Brenden, John David, Anna Sophia, Ella, Luke and Angelica. 


Our Apostolate was founded in 1986 by Father Robert Joseph Fox .  Our mission is to promote the message of Fatima and the sanctification of family life through our website, books, CDs and DVDs. Become a member and join or community.


Our Apostolate has been endorsed by the Pontifical council for the Laity.

We also have endorsements by our local bishop.






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