It is easy to get caught up the challenges of everyday life.  Our apostolate, founded by Father Robert J. Fox, is here to nourish you in your spiritual growth through his timeless materials.  Father Fox realized that many people have not been formed properly in the Catholic faith.  He also realized that Our Lady of Fatima came as a Catechist to help lead us to Her Son Jesus.  The Fatima Family Apostolate was founded in 1986 and has been endorsed many times by the Church.  The FFA is  currently a Public Association of the Faithful under the WAF International Umbrella. 


To promote the true message of Fatima also comes with a price.  We have expenses that occur monthly in keeping up our facilities,  website, newsletters and etc.

We hope that you will be able to help us financially to keep this wonderful Apostolate that is nourishing souls and educating them on the messages of Our Lady.

The Fatima Family Apostolate International is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax  deductible.  God bless you in your generosity and love.

Other Ways To Donate

Thank you for considering donating to our ministry.  The FFA exists to help souls learn about Our Lady of Fatima and Her powerful messages. 

You can call us at 256-297-0317 to donate over the phone or mail us a check or money order to:


P.O. Box 269

Hanceville, AL. 35077


Start a Fatima Family Apostolate in your area.  This mission set up by our founder Father Fox is gaining more traction.  We need you to step up and help us in this fulfilling mission of presenting the message of Our Lady to friends and families. we will help you succeed with free materials and free support.  email to learn more about this rewarding experience.


You can help in many ways.  Our members are the backbone of this much needed apostolate.  This apostolate has been approved by the Vatican and also our local Bishop. Become a member today and receive the benefits to help you grow closer to Our Lord and Our Lady.

Become a part of Our Growing Family


Our Apostolate was founded in 1986 by Father Robert Joseph Fox .  Our mission is to promote the message of Fatima and the sanctification of family life through our website, books, CDs and DVDs. Become a member and join or community.


Our Apostolate has been endorsed by the Pontifical council for the Laity.

We also have endorsements by our local bishop.





P.O. Box 269

Hanceville, AL. 35077



          Fr. Robert J. Fox - Founder


            John C. Preiss - President

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